The founders of TruClarity Management Solutions have formed a registered investment adviser (RIA) to enable breakaway advisers to manage their business independently in a flexible manner.

Dubbed TruClarity Wealth Advisors, the new entity will be regulated by the SEC.

The aim of the new business is to support advisers who intend to break away but are reluctant to take on the complete overhead and commitments linked with going independent.

TruClarity Management Solutions said that the new business leverages the support structure of the “tuck-in model” that allows advisers to achieve complete independence gradually.

In case, an adviser wants to assume control of their own RIA, TruClarity Wealth Advisors will offer the required support, post-break, and back-office services from TruClarity Management Solutions.

Additionally, TruClarity Wealth Advisors will manage compliance, HR, custodial relationships as well as other operational components.

Darian Johnson will assume the role of chairman of the new firm, while Pamela Stross will become the president and CEO. Travis Johnson will serve as the CIO of TruClarity Wealth Advisors.

Stross said: “The flexibility our RIA provides will allow advisers to choose their own paths to independence once they decide to break away from the larger captive brands.

“With us, they can build their own brand and client book, while fully embracing the spirit of independence along their entire journey.”

Johnson said: “I know that the service level provided will be outstanding, giving advisers the assistance they need, without hindering their success.

“We don’t want to be like wirehouses or other captive environments, where if you ask who owns the client, the wirehouse/captive environment would claim ownership. We are here to differentiate ourselves from that idea.”