Surevest Wealth Management has announced the answer for advisors seeking the balance of high value support services with the independence of managing their own practice.

Led by veteran advisors, Jeremy Kisner, CFP, and Robert Luna, CIMA, Surevest aims to build the nation’s premier boutique wealth management firm by offering elite advisors across the country the specific services that have high impact on the growth and quality of a firm.

Kisner said: "Most RIAs are run by solo practitioners or small offices of less than five advisors. These smaller firms are finding it increasingly difficult to compete due to mounting regulatory complexity, administrative burdens and higher client expectations. Larger RIAs that are trying to recruit advisors to their platform have shunned those with under with $100 million in assets."
The Surevest Wealth Management ‘Advisor Partnership’ is geared toward investment advisors who have US$15-US$50 million in assets under management. The firm finds that many of these people are great financial professionals, but lack the support to grow their business to its full potential.

Surevest delivers value to advisor partners, who operate as investment advisor representatives of the firm, by offering support with the following aspects of the business: portfolio management, compliance assistance, marketing, client retention and technology.

Surevest’s venture aims to help advisor partners grow the value of their practice by providing:

  • Tools and credibility that enable advisors to compete for the best clients.
  • More time to focus on client relations and new client acquisition.
  • A built-in succession plan, as well as income security in case of death or disability.
  • A constant and consistent team of human capital who works at Surevest to offer support with client and business issues.

Luna said: "Our partnership is designed to help all Surevest Wealth Management advisor representatives compete with the largest RIA firms in the country while still maintaining the soul of a small company."