North Street Global Fund Services, an alternative asset fund administrator, added six new hedge fund clients going into the fourth quarter of 2013 amidst an achievement of a milestone in the industry.

According to Hedge Fund Research (HFR), a leading company specializing in the indexation and analysis of hedge funds, investor inflows of capital surged to a fifth quarterly record in 3Q13. That statistic brings the total capital in hedge funds to around US$2.51 trillion.

Alex Mascioli, managing partner, North Street LP, said "Our service provider business unit has definitely been benefiting from the increase in investor confidence both through further allocation to our established fund clients and with a resurgence of emerging managers launching new funds.

Dean Betzios and Joseph Musto, Co-Heads of North Street Global Fund Services, both agreed adding that they are witnessing more emerging managers launching new hedge funds than a year ago and expect that trend to continue into 2014.

Musto added: "Even in the aftermath of the government shut down and the geo-political landscape with Syria, we haven’t really seen a negative impact within the investment community or fund allocations as some might have expected."