Iron Capital Holdings, a San Francisco-based venture focused private equity services firm, has launched Iron Capital Wealth Management, a new division that will offer financial advisory services to high net worth individuals.

The new division will work in tandem with the Iron Capital Liquidity Desk, which helps individuals seeking liquidity from shares and options in privately held companies, to chart a clear path toward successful capital preservation and venture reinvestment strategies.

Further, Iron Capital has partnered with an institutional wealth services firm to offer independent wealth advisors access for their clients to shares in private companies. In addition, clients registered with the wealth services firm can see deal flow and access private shares from Iron Capital’s inventory.

To augment venture and private equity investment offerings, Iron Capital also offers traditional portfolio management including long term investment allocation and tax and estate planning.

Jason Blum, CEO of Iron Capital Holdings, said: "Our clients face a unique challenge – they require sophisticated investment strategies but rarely have the time to be able to manage a complex set of investment needs. By combining our venture and private offerings along with more traditional investment strategies we are able to offer clients an end-to-end solution that removes the heavy lifting.”