HSBC Asset Management has introduced a circular economy-focused fund that aligns with the UN sustainable development goals.

Called HGIF Global Equity Circular Economy, the fund complies with Article 9 of Europe’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

It will invest in around 60 firms that are facilitating transition to a circular economy across the globe.  

Firms working in various sectors including recycling, restoring natural systems as well as designing out waste and pollution will also receive investment.

HSBC Asset Management noted that it will not follow fixed allocations norms as well as region, sub-sectors or stages of the company while distributing the fund.

In addition, the new fund will invest in both wholesale and institutional investors.  High-net-worth individuals, family offices and private banks will also be targeted.

It will be jointly managed by the firm’s portfolio manager and head of climate equity Benedicte Mougeot and co-portfolio manager Francois Travaille.

Mougeot said: “We are launching this fund to help finance the transition to more sustainable ways of dealing with resources and waste whilst giving investors access to a unique investment opportunity.”

HGIF Global Equity Circular Economy marks the fourth fund unveiled by the company this year in support of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) requirements.

HSBC Asset Management head of sustainability Erin Leonard said: “We use the equivalent of 1.8 planets for resources each year and critical resources are becoming increasingly scarce.

“We need for businesses to be smarter in their production and consumption models.

“This fund will support companies that are leading the way in this incredibly important area of innovation.”