Premier Miton Investors has announced that it will be changing the name of its fund, the Premier Miton Ethical Fund, to the Premier Miton Responsible UK Equity Fund, effective from 14 December 2021, to reflect ESG priorities.

The fund is managed by Jon Hudson and Benji Dawes, who also manage the company’s UK Growth Fund. The fund is ranked 8 out of 245 funds in the Investment Association (IA) UK All Companies sector since Hudson and Dawes became managers on 1 July 2019, returning 59% versus 18% from the sector and 5% for the FTSE4 Good Index.

Dawes said that the name change was meant to reflect the company’s commitment to working with ethical businesses. In addition to the new name, the company is also updating its investment policy with additional information about its environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

“We are proud of the investment philosophy and performance of the Premier Miton Ethical Fund and we see the name change to Premier Miton Responsible UK Equity Fund, and the updated fund description, as important milestones in the fund’s development,” said Dawes.

“Premier Miton Responsible UK Equity Fund will be clearly labelled as a dedicated responsible investing fund and clearly described as a fund focused on companies that act responsibly with a strong ESG profile and that are part of long term themes that have a positive influence on society and the environment.”

Jon Hudson added: “We are excited about the level of investor interest in dedicated ESG funds and the investment opportunities we have found and continue to find. Our active investment approach will continue to combine our ESG focus with our assessment of a company’s quality, growth potential and valuation.”