Wealth management company Aquinas Wealth Advisors has unveiled a new technology to better align Catholic investors with their religious values.

The solution, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology, is expected to offer transparent portfolio data to the Catholic investors.

To develop the solution, Aquinas employed a new hybrid robo-advisor programme that enables the customers to receive details on the process of using funds by publicly traded firms.

The free of cost solution, which is available on aquinaswealth.com, is designed to allow users to have access to it without any long-term obligation.

Visitors are asked to provide sample data regarding their holdings and portfolio profiles for a review, stated Aquinas Wealth Advisors.

Once the evaluation is completed, the solution offers a summary of the reasons and institutions that are being aided by firms within an investor’s portfolio.

In the next step, the output of the analysis, called Faith & Finance Score, allocates a letter grade which reveals a portfolio’s loyalty to Catholic values and ideologies.

Based on these results, investors can either opt for advises from Aquinas official or select an investment opportunity by themselves.

Aquinas Wealth Advisors president and CEO Chris McMahon said: “Across my career, clients have continually asked how they can best align their investments with their values, particularly among my Catholic clients.

“Now, Aquinas’ state-of-the-art technology has made it easier than ever for investors to unify their deepest-held beliefs with their finances.

“This programme empowers individuals to have a greater degree of understanding and control over where they place their money.”

Aquinas Wealth Advisors plans to extend the use its technology to non-Catholic platforms as well.