We’re asking for your nominations for the top 10 people who have the biggest scope to change the industry, point it in a new direction or are responsible for the shape of the market. Anybody can nominate and anybody can be nominated.

The votes will be counted and a top 50 adjudicated by the editorial staff at Private Banker International. Nominations will be anonymous so you are free to vote for yourself, if you have a reason, and for those you work with.

If you have a good reason to think the work of the EC, FSA, FINMA, SEC or any other regulators will shape the future of the industry, vote for the people leading that work.

If you think the market is being driven by the expansion strategies of global banks or the client-centric focus of boutique and mid-sized banks then put forward the names of the influential people shaping that change.

CEOs, CIOs, COOs, family office heads, vendor partners, independent asset managers, consultants, service providers, lawyers and even law-makers all have a stake in the market and any one of them may deserve your vote.

If you want to write a biography of the work of an individual, let us know. We will be making this more than just a list of 50 names and job titles and additional comments can be published under your name.

To enter your 10 nominations, please complete our quick survey here, or contact Nicholas Moody on the Private Banker International LinkedIn group, via Twitter @BankerNews on Facebook or at nicholas.moody@privatebankerinternational.com

Nominations close on Thursday 6 December with Private Banking’s Power 50 published in next month’s edition.