Real Asset Management has launched a multi-asset portfolio service for high net worth clients and Asian investors who have significant visa statuses.

RAM Australia chief executive Scott Kelly said the launch is designed to help special immigrant visa holders looking to invest in more sophisticated financial assets that extend beyond fixed income and property funds, the Financial Standard reported on Wednesday.

The minimum amount of capital required for prospective Australian residents under SIV regulations is currently at least AUD 5m.

Kelly said :”The multi-asset portfolio solution we offer is bespoke and takes into account any special requirements of our high-net-worth clients. Our approach is to overlay a longer-term strategic asset allocation, supported by specialist independent research, with shorter-term tactical tilts towards assets we like.

“We embrace the notion that wealthy families have a natural bias towards real assets such as real estate and incorporate that into our investment process and portfolios. This allows our clients to benefit from a truly diversified and risk-controlled portfolio, generated using the entire spectrum of asset management products, but still have exposure to preferred real assets like commercial real estate.”

RAM recently named Oliver Mourant as its CEO.

Kelly welcomed his appointment saying that he understands HNW business creators and places great importance on transparency, integrity, exceptional client service, teamwork, according to the Financial Standard.