As part of Mattioli Woods’ ongoing initiative to expand as a broader wealth management business, the company has announced a new investment opportunity for its clients.

The Morgan Stanley Developed Markets Kick-Out Plan 2, strengthens Mattioli’s structured product portfolio, which is linked to the FTSE 100, S&P 5000 and Eurostoxx 50 indices, with the potential of kicking out at year two.

Stan Allen, investment consultant, Mattioli, said: "With the world’s developed markets economies now appearing to be on the road to recover, we are optimistic for equity markets moving forward. The UK economy has improved at a much better rate than anticipated, the Eurozone has now exited a long period of recession, and the US has had only one quarter of negative growth in the past four years, (which was the first quarter of 2011)."

As part of Mattioli Woods’ continuing strategy for structured products, the company’s objective is to offer plans on a regular basis and for clients to invest modest amounts sequentially to diversify the underlying asset, counterparty risk, and marketing timing.