Benchmark Capital, a financial planning solutions provider owned by Schroders Group, has concluded the purchase of 100% stake in Advison for an undisclosed sum.

With headquarters in Milton Keynes, England, Advison offers financial planning solutions to adviser clients.

Advison took part in Benchmark’s practice buy-out campaign and will continue to carry out its existing operations.

In addition, Benchmark has bought a 49% stake in chartered financial planning company Chartered Independent.

Following the deal, Chartered Independent will continue to operate as an independent entity.

The firm will use Benchmark’s capital and infrastructure to facilitate further growth. It has been a member of Benchmark’s advice network.

Benchmark managing director of wealth Ed Dymott said: “These are two very different journeys for the business owners.

“Advison, which is joining our own financial planning firm and remaining in the business, whilst the owner of Chartered Independent, who was already familiar with Benchmark’s award-winning solutions as part of our network, were both looking for support to continue to grow.

“Our approach is resonating strongly in the market with advisers wherever they are on their journey; starting up, looking for efficiencies, growing, or building a secure pathway to exit.”

In January this year, Benchmark announced the acquisition of the remaining stake in buying advice company Redbourne Wealth Management.