The 6th annual Coutts Million Pound Donors report, in association with the University of Kent, showed a 9% rise in million pound donations in the UK, which took the total up to £1.35 billion, the highest amount since the global recession.

Not only was the overall total higher, but the individual donations were as well as 56% were over £2 million. The average donation was £6.9 million, a £1.6 million rise from the previous year.

Higher education received the most money with 42%, coming in at roughly £570 million. Unfortunately, funding towards arts and culture fell to 7%.

Mark Evans, managing director of Coutts Institute, said: "Having put million pound donors on the map in the UK, we are delighted to be highlighting these philanthropic trends internationally. Not only is it clear that individuals, foundations and corporations, who are giving at this level, are making a significant impact in areas such as Higher Education, it’s also an opportunity to learn why they are making these decisions and how. By understanding the causes and communities million dollar donors are passionate about, the ideas they have and the ways they like to work with others we hope to inspire and inform philanthropists, charities and others at all levels."