A survey by Swiss investment bank UBS has revealed that 72% of investors are considering changes to their portfolios before the US election.

The study surveyed more than 4,000 investors and business owners across 14 markets.

Fifty-five percent of the investors are seeing their home region as an attractive investment.

Notably, 49% said that they intend to capture more yield in the next six months, while only 29% plan to lower their portfolio’s risk level.

Further, 75% of the investors said that they want more contact with their adviser.

In the US, 55% hold a positive stance on the economy while 55% are optimistic on stocks.

The comparable figures three months ago are 41% and 44%, respectively.

Moreover, 49% of investors globally eye the US as an attractive investment, which is the highest across any one region.

In Latin America, 62% are optimistic on their own region’s economy while 60% are optimistic on their own region’s stocks.

Also, 81% in the region are planning portfolio changes in anticipation of the US election while 73% consider additional changes depending on the result.

Forty-four percent of Swiss investors are optimistic on their region’s economy over the next 12 months while 54% are optimistic on their region’s stocks over the next six months.

In Asia, 55% of Asian investors are optimistic on the economic outlook in their own region over the next 12 months.

Moreover, 80% in the region plan to adjust their portfolios ahead of the vote while 65% intend to do so afterwards.

UBS Global Wealth Management co-president Iqbal Khan said: “Amid uncertainty over the US election and COVID-19, investors appear to be more positive on their own region than on the world at large.

“In the period surrounding the election, we believe they should diversify globally and avoid falling prey to their own home bias.”