The shift to TFO Wealth Partners includes modified branding, new websites, and a refreshed positioning statement.

However, the beneficial owners, partners and leadership of the company remain the same.

Furthermore, the goal of the firm is to help families and businesses define and achieve their unique goals, according to a statement.

It also will strive to provide the advice, resources, and education TFO believes families need to they can hone in on what is most important in their lives.

“We are excited to announce our rebranding to TFO Wealth Partners, a name that more authentically represents who we are and what we stand for. As ‘The Family Office (TFO),’ our renewed mission is to help families thrive by connecting wealth and purpose. While our name has changed, our commitment to our clients and our leadership remains steadfast,” said Cleves Delp, TFO Wealth Partners founder and member.

Brady Fineske, TFO Wealth Partners president, added: “Today marks an exciting milestone for us as we unveil our rebranding as TFO Wealth Partners, formerly known as TDC Investment Advisory. This new identity is more than just a change in name – it reflects our commitment to pioneering a unique service offering for our client families. At TFO Wealth Partners, we strive to go beyond traditional investment advisory. Our suite of connected solutions helps us follow through on our focus on being more for our clients, embodying our belief that true prosperity involves more than just financial gains. With this rebranding, we reaffirm our pledge to provide dedicated support to families, guiding them toward a future to which they aspire.”

The company is owned by TFO partners, a holding company established earlier this year.