The Calvert Principles for responsible investment offer a framework for evaluating investment and ensure that they are focused on businesses that adequately handle their financially material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities.

This also provides direction for the funds.

By utilising their own basic research, including financially significant ESG studies, and engaging directly with companies, the funds aim to produce viable investment returns and sustained impact across the international, global small-cap, and US small/mid-cap equities sectors.

Funds and portfolio management teams include:

  • Calvert Global Equity Fund managed by Christopher M. Dyer, CFA, and Ian Kirwan: managing directors and portfolio managers
  • Calvert Global Small-Cap Equity Fund, managed by: Aidan M. Farrell, Michael D. McLean, CFA, and Griff Noble, CFA, managing directors and portfolio managers
  • Calvert Small/Mid-Cap Fund, managed by: Michael D. McLean, CFA, and Griff Noble, CFA, managing directors and portfolio managers

Anthony Eames, managing director of responsible investment strategy, Calvert Research and Management, commented: “The experienced portfolio management teams supported by the strength of Calvert’s proprietary research system create a set of compelling offerings for investors interested in participating in positive change while seeking competitive, long-term results.”

Each fund is a replacement for a mutual fund offered by Eaton Vance Management, and it will continue to use the same track records.

Both the historical and latest version of these funds benefit from a partnership between the portfolio oversight and Calvert ESG research teams, which enables the teams to maintain while enhancing their track records of performance across all three funds.

All three investment methods make investments in businesses that follow the Calvert Principles of responsible investment.

“By transitioning these funds to the Calvert platform, we are able to strengthen the focus on ESG analysis and memorialise that into the funds’ investment philosophies and mandates,” added Eames. “This conversion positions the funds to be fully availed of the responsible investment universe and responds to market demand from our clients for a more comprehensive range of ESG offerings.”