A Clearwater customer since 2014, Bank of Saint Lucia is part of Eastern Caribbean Financial Holding Company and the largest bank in Saint Lucia.

By implementing Clearwater’s solution for the investment lifecycle, which included managed services, reconciliation and data aggregation tools, investment accounting, and NAV & CRM capabilities, the firm has gained a comprehensive tool.

Furthermore, with Clearwater JUMP, the firm will have an asset management platform, allowing rapid scaling. The bank aims to grow greatly in size within the next year and also become a leading financial institution in the Eastern Caribbean.

“Adding Clearwater JUMP to our infrastructure is a game changer for us,” said Medford Francis, deputy managing director at Bank of Saint Lucia. “Having a robust, comprehensive solution from a single provider will give us the sophisticated asset management capability we need to provide our customers with a broader spectrum of investments, achieve exponential growth and enhance our position in the market.”

“Our long-time customers, including Bank of Saint Lucia, are adding Clearwater JUMP and deriving tremendous value from modular flexibility and streamlined investment processes,” said Scott Erickson, chief revenue officer at Clearwater Analytics.

“We are pleased to welcome Bank of Saint Lucia to our esteemed group of clients who are expanding their Clearwater footprint to realise the transformative impact our solutions have on their investment operations. By launching the industry’s first mutual fund domiciled in the Eastern Caribbean, Bank of Saint Lucia is leading the way with a state-of-the-art investment accounting platform that will help to attract more international investors while providing an exceptional client experience.”

Clearwater Analytics signed a deal to purchase France’s JUMP Technology for a sum of €75m at the end of 2022.

JUMP Technology has created a modular, technology platform for the investment management sector that covers investment managers, hedge funds, private banks, family offices, among others.

Its software integrates data management, front-middle-back office, and reporting competences in a single platform.