Objectway works to help banking, asset and wealth management firms to scale and empower their business with a broader societal objective: preserve capital and improve the financial wellbeing of their clients.

Objectway has been building successful partnerships with clients for more than 30 years, and has established a reputation as an industry leader.

Platform solutions to unify a fragmented value chain

In a market facing a myriad of challenges and headwinds, such as competitive climate, macro-economic factors, rising regulatory costs and declining margins, evolving and changing client demands and expectations, Objectway offers a leading as-a-service growth platform for Banks, Wealth & Asset Managers and their investors.

The Objectway Platform provides financial institutions with superior scalability for greater performance to empower their entire value chain.

Objectway’s end-to-end solution design allows customers to be serviced consistently within both a local and international setting, underpinned by 24-7 secure infrastructure.

Innovative solutions for financial advisors, private bankers, and relationship managers

As a global top 100 FinTech provider (IDC FinTech Rankings), Objectway admins over €1 trillion of assets and supports more than 100,000 investment professionals (financial advisors, private bankers, relationship managers) to manage over €700 billion AUM for more than 5 million investors.

Objectway growth strategy, combining organic and acquisitions, powers exponential growth. The revenue topped €100 million (FY 2022) and clients include 200+ leading Banks, Wealth Managers, Asset Managers and Insurers across EMEA.

Objectway has a global organization including over 800 business and technology professionals, operating from Italy, UK, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, the UAE and Canada.

Objectway flexible solution design addresses global and regional organization, structure across jurisdictions. Scale generates scale through expansion across customers, geographies and along the value chain.

As-a-service growth platform operating at scale

Objectway is the digital end-to-end Platform for Banks, Wealth Managers, Asset Managers and their investors. It delivers a comprehensive suite of digital capabilities and services and integrates all front to back-office operations into one, unified, ever-evolving platform, available on Cloud and accessible as a service.

The configurations allow customers to be served in a consistent manner in both a local and an international environment, always on time and with a secure infrastructure. Divided into EaaS (Enablement as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service) and BPaaS (Business Process as a Service), the Objectway Platform is made of three distinct yet interoperable technology layers:

Omnichannel client lifecycle management solutions

Is the digital front-end enabling optichannel interaction, client engagement and front-office productivity, supported by end-user online portal, mobile apps for digital banking and investor self-service functionality.

Banking, asset, and wealth management service solutions

Provides a state-of-the-art multi-device solution enabling the relationship manager and the private banker to manage discretionary portfolios, advisory & XO investment services, delivering reports, checking continuous suitability along with risk management and proactive compliance monitoring.


Consists of a complete set of interoperable yet independent modules supporting securities management services, cash & payments, FX & treasury, credits & loans, along with straight through processing automation, regulatory and compliance reporting, including processing and execution of full open and alternative fund management value-chain.

Technology & Cloud

Continuous and incremental innovation: Objectway solutions are built according to state-of-the-art Objectway Technology strategic guidelines, which are constantly innovated with advanced technologies and tools, characterized by omni-channel approach, modularity and scalability, open integrated architecture, business insights and increased efficiency with robotic process automation.

The Objectway platform consists of complementary application components that utilize a range of compatible technologies with an ecosystem of hybrid cloud models. Depending on the solution delivered to the customer, these application components are integrated and interoperate in an ecosystem.

Objectway On-Cloud deploys as-a-service Banking, WealthTech and AssetMgmt Suites in private, public or hybrid cloud. Specifically, private cloud operates Objectway platforms deployed in proprietary or third-party data centers. Otherwise, Hybrid Cloud runs Objectway platforms deployed on a mix of on-premises, private and public cloud. On the other hand, Public Cloud runs Objectway platforms deployed on major cloud providers.

A complete open as-a-service solution

Today ‘as-a-service’ architectural model are the norms for outsourcing technologies and processes. The key challenges are configuration, personalization, and integration. Our unified design approach reduces integration friction, enabling our clients to run the most configurable, transparent and personalized omni-channel solution in our industry.

During the adoption process we ensure that the solution is tailored to the very specific business of the client institution and their current and future needs. We do this in collaboration with the client’s internal teams, as we aim to be more than a technology vendor, but a partner to our customers’ business success.

Both the product philosophy and the ever-growing collection of APIs, services and other integration tools and techniques enable rapid and cost-effective integration with third-party solutions. In the vast majority of client institutions Objectway products coexist and happily co-operate together with products from multiple other vendors, including direct competitors.

These are the main advantages of Objectway’s platform:

  • Breadth, depth and highly localized functionalities
  • Combination of business expertise and technological innovation
  • Opti-channel, omni-device and advanced digital technologies
  • Scalability and easy integration with other third-party or in-house solutions
  • End-to-end adoption or standalone implementable modules
  • Cloud-ready solution available as a service

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