Friends Provident International (FPI) have released their latest investor attitudes report and found that UAE investors now believe property second only to gold as their preferred asset class.

49% of respondents expect the property market to perform strongly over the next five years with another 11% believing that there will be ‘very strong growth’ in the same time period. A mere 10% expect weakness or decline in property over the next five years.

Compiled from a survey of wealthy, UAE-based expatriate respondents, the report shows that, overall, investors believe the investment market has improved over the last six months, and there is confidence that markets will continue to improve in the next six months.

The Friends Investor Attitudes Index for the UAE stands at 17 points, a two point increase from the previous batch of research taken in June 2012.

In addition, popular investment strategies for UAE-based investors seem to be low risk (29%) or holding a balanced portfolio (34%).
Matthew Waterfield, the general manager of FPI in the Middle East and Africa, said: "Of the regions surveyed, UAE investors consider preservation of their capital a fundamental aspect of their investment planning, with 27% of respondents unlikely to invest in anything other than a guaranteed product. Just 1% of Hong Kong investors and 12% in Singapore would adopt a similar approach."