As a result of the private market offering, Vontobel clients and their investment portfolios will be even more diversified.

Clients will have access to multi strategy funds that will allow them to invest in this asset class over the long run.

The firm stated its aim to allow Vontobel wealth management clients to participate in private markets in the future at Investor Day 2022.

Therefore, Vontobel has recently signed its first collaboration contract with an international authority on private markets.

Vontobel and Portfolio Advisors on the private market offering

By partnering with Portfolio Advisors, Vontobel will be able to increase the range of investments it offers.

A global private asset manager with a focus on the US middle market, Portfolio Advisors provides a variety of investment programmes in the fields of private equity, private credit, and private real estate assets.

More than 130 people work for Portfolio Advisors, a company with headquarters in Darien, Connecticut, with offices in Dallas, London, Zurich, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Portfolio Advisors already works with a number of significant Swiss pension funds and announced a merger with FS Investments in February 2023.

After the deal was finalised at the end of June 2023, the merged organisation handled over $75bn in assets for its clients as of June 30, 2023.

Georg Schubiger, head of wealth management at Vontobel, stated: “Our collaboration with Portfolio Advisors, LLC is the first step we are taking in the implementation of our private market’s strategy for selected wealth management clients at Vontobel. Investors are looking for ways to invest in private markets. Our clients can participate in developments in this special asset class through a muti strategy fund that is tailored to their needs.”

“With the team at Portfolio Advisors, LLC we have a partner at our side which, with its many years of experience in the private markets segment and in working with institutional investors, can support us in developing attractive investment solutions in this asset class for our clients. Private markets investments can be an attractive longer-term addition to large, sophisticated portfolios in particular,” added Christel Rendu de Lint, head of investments at Vontobel.