Technology provider TrustQuay has chosen Diane Betts to be its global head of professional services.

Betts will lead the delivery of new project implementations and programmes for TrustQuay customers globally, and also across the range of TrustQuay’s software solutions.

Previously, Betts led digital transformation and payment solution programmes for global banking clients and Fiserv and Dovetail. Prior to this, she led software implementation and designed service operating models at firms such as Visa Europe, Reuters, and IBM.

Keith Hale, group CEO of TrustQuay, comments: “We are delighted that Diane has joined the team to lead the delivery of TrustQuay’s digital transformation programmes and help customers progress along their digitalisation pathway.”

Betts adds: “I’m very excited to join TrustQuay and to help customers best utilise TrustQuay software within their businesses and realise the full benefits to margins, profitability and enterprise value that digitalisation and automation brings.”

TrustQuay recently collaborated with Viewpoint, a developer of entity and wealth management solutions, in March 2023 to accelerate automation and digitalisation in the trust, corporate, and funds services sectors.

With 270 employees spread over 12 offices, the united company will be able to provide joint services to customers in Europe and Asia for the first time, while also continuing to develop new products.

TrustQuay supports over 360 customers worldwide by focusing on entity management, client accounting, practise management, compliance, and workflow software for trust, corporate, and funds service providers. It has approximately 26,000 users in more than 30 jurisdictions.

Viewpoint is a comprehensive entity governance and administration solution designed for commercial entity management service providers, such as trust and corporate service providers, as well as governance professionals in the PLC, family office, unit trust, legal, and accounting sectors. Around 20,000 individuals utilise Viewpoint, including 300 clients in 80 different countries.