Threadneedle has launched a new multi asset income fund to target the pensions market.

Known as Threadneedle Global Multi Asset Income fund, the fund will invests across a range of asset classes, including equities, bonds, cash and property.

Managed by Threadneedle’s head of multi-asset allocation Toby Nangle, the fund seeks to generate both capital growth for investors in excess of inflation while also generating enough income for retirees.

The fund also provides investors the ability to achieve income and grow their assets over the medium to long term in a changing retirement landscape.

Nangle, head of multi-asset aocation and manager of the Threadneedle Dynamic Real Return Fund, said: "Individuals and the industry are still coming to terms with the long-term implications of the Government’s pension reforms. Where people choose not to purchase an annuity, their pension savings will need to generate a significant investment return in order to see them through retirement.

"Companies like Threadneedle will be entrusted with ensuring retirement assets are appropriately preserved and growth in excess of inflation is achieved, while also ensuring enough income is available to live on. This Fund offers investors the opportunity to diversify their investment pot by delivering income and returns from an appropriately balanced range of assets," he added.