Linedata, a French firm that offers technology solutions for the asset management and credit industries, has launched a new asset management platform.

Dubbed Linedata AMP, the new offering is a cloud-based suite of tools to offer asset managers easy access to software, data and services.


With a modular design, Linedata AMP is a continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) Platform facilitates innovation and expansion into new geographies, noted the supplier.

It offers the Linedata Analytics Service, which is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide actionable insights from client and third-party dataz.

AMP also offers the Linedata Data Management Service that is said to reduce the total cost of ownership through direct integration of comprehensive pricing and reference data into Linedata software.

Linedata global head of asset management Gary Brackenridge said: “The platform enables clients to embrace market volatility and remote work demands with a trusted partner, who can simultaneously help them reimagine their operations and drive new business growth.

“By adopting AMP into business models, clients can utilise quick-to-market features, greater scalability, and cloud-enabled technology, while continuing to benefit from Linedata’s robust, interoperable technology and expert teams.”

Developments at Linedata

In February 2018, Linedata launched an advanced version of its Linedata Global Hedge platform.

The platform is designed to improve asset managers’ efficiency, product delivery capabilities, data management and automation across the portfolio management lifecycle.

In October 2017, investment manager T. Rowe Price tapped Linedata to improve oversight and boost Net Asset Value (NAV) across its investment line-up.

In August of the same year, Linedata collaborated with Veracen to develop financial technology solutions for institutional investors.

The agreement also included the co-marketing and branding globally in Europe, Asia, and the US with global support, client customisation, wrap around services, installation, and training.

In 2017, Linedata was also in the news for its acquisitions of Quality Risk Management & Operations and Gravitas Technology Services.