Indosuez Wealth Management has introduced a new digital platform that will give clients access to its investment portfolio independently.

The platform targets clients who have completed an advisory agreement with the firm.

It features various financial instruments and recommendations offered by Indosuez experts.

It also incorporates various other investment solutions such as market data and improved product sheets, including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings, among others.

Clients will be able to access the platform through their e-banking service.

Using the platform, clients can make their own list of products and stocks as well as search for new investment themes without communicating with their usual Indosuez advisor.

Indosuez initially reserved the platform for its bank advisers. The company has created the online platform in agile mode in its innovation lab with feedback from nearly 20 clients.  

In a statement, Indosuez said: “The new platform provides clients with a tool to filter a wide investment universe that will be constantly updated.

“Clients holding structured products will be able to benefit from an innovative feature to keep them up to date with the events calendar associated with structured products (payment of coupons, date reminders, etc.).”

Indosuez added: “For several years now, Indosuez has been increasing the number of points of contact with its clients, including the choice of accessing banking services electronically or in person.”

The latest offering comes shortly after Indosuez named Alexandre Ledouble as its CFO last month.