FIIG Securities, an Australia-based fixed income broker, has rolled out a new online ordering system for corporate bonds.

The new ordering system can be used by clients and financial advisers to various bonds, access FIIG research on each bond, as well as place buy or sell requests at any time, reported Financial Standard.

This is expected to simplify the process of purchasing and selling bonds in the over-the-counter market.

Moreover, the system will allow clients to access their MyFIIG client portal, browse for bonds through a list of options, develop model portfolios based on FIIG’s model analysis, and add them to the Trade Request list.

If clients are satisfied with the selection, they can submit their requests following which FIIG will process trade requests after finalising details.


FIIG chief executive Mark Paton commented, "Despite the size of the over-the-counter market no bond broker has done this before in Australia so we looked instead to websites like Amazon and other online retailers for a process that was familiar to clients and easy to use."