CGS-CIMB Securities (Singapore) has introduced a new CGS-CIMB eWealth platform that matches portfolios with risk profiles and investment goals of investors to offer personalised investment advisory services.

The new platform, dubbed CGS-CIMB eWealth, will be available to the firm’s retail clients as well as to individual investors, corporations and financial advisory firms out of Singapore.

The new CGS-CIMB eWealth robo-adviser

The platform has been launched in collaboration with Saxo Capital Markets and Singaporean fintech firm WeInvest.

WeInvest CEO and co-founder Bhaskar Prabhakara said: “Our collaboration with CGS-CIMB Securities is aimed not only at the young or digitally savvy investors through a self-service advisory solution, but also empowering the advisers to provide the best possible investment solutions for their esteemed clients.

“This hybrid approach to service clients across the Asia market is a first and an exciting way forward.”

CGS-CIMB eWealth offers goal-based and thematic portfolios. The goal-based strategies target market returns with an initial investment of S$3,500 ($2,560.25).

The thematic portfolios target above-market returns by combining quantitative strategies with factor-based investing.

Among the portfolios on offer is the US Refining portfolio, which provides investors exposure to companies that are beneficiaries of rising oil prices. The platform also offers the ‘S-REITs’ portfolio for clients seeking yield.

The platform leverages algorithms to rebalance portfolios on a regular basis.

It is also said to enable users retain control over the trading of portfolios and offer transparency of the portfolio constituents.

CGS-CIMB Securities (Singapore) group CEO Carol Fong said: “Leveraging our strong research capabilities, we will provide clients with a wide range of portfolio selections, from conservative options for those with a low-risk appetite to aggressive ones for investors who possess a higher risk tolerance and want to achieve above-market returns.”