Fintech C8 Technologies has announced the launch of its China Futures Access vehicle and gateway for offshore investors.

The strategy, utilised by C8’s Chinese onshore clients since 2018, provides institutional investors access to some one the world’s fastest developing futures markets via up to 50 commodity contracts.

C8 and the Futures Access programme is committed to being at the forefront of development and is diversified by market investment style, risk profile, and trade frequency.

In addition, it is designed to remove uncertainty from the portfolio of forecasts by mixing ideas from disparate fields:

  • Statistical signal processing;
  • Machine learning, pattern recognition and data mining;
  • Exploratory data analysis;
  • Robust optimisation;
  • Macro- and micro-economics;
  • Technology and software engineering;
  • The programme is directional with positions are dimensioned in proportion to the expected return in any given asset, and
  • Positions are dimensioned inversely to prevailing levels of volatility.

This has been launched due to the pace of innovation and change in China’s futures market, particularly in the commodity sector. Recent developments include the launch of the Guangzhou Futures Exchange in April 2021, the fifth of China’s futures exchanges.

Mattias Eriksson, co-founder and CEO of C8 Technologies, said: “The recent Draft Futures Law, which sets out trading and settlement principles that are consistent with international markets, is a vital step in the development and growth of these markets which are evolving quickly. As the world’s largest consumer of many major commodities, China is incentivised to improve its attraction and influence as a key trading centre.

“Professional investors have long faced barriers to entry but, as the many signals of market development indicate, this is changing. That is why we are committed to offering our clients innovative products that allow them to gain early exposure to this opportunity set. Our China Futures Access index acts as a gateway through which investors access this exciting market in a risk-adjusted manner.”