Private banking firm Arbuthnot Latham has partnered with PushFar, a mentoring and career progression platform, to help employee onboarding.

After recent scaling, growing from 250 to 600 staff, Arbuthnot Latham wanted to move to a blended learning approach. This also includes peer-to-peer learning and more focused development programmes.

The PushFar platform enables people to manage their relationships on an ongoing basis with minimal admin supervision.

Furthermore, it allows them to learn flexibly with an easy scheduling system and supports annual and monthly performance reviews.

Ed Johnson, CEO and founder of PushFar, said: “Having a mentoring relationship is often noted as being one of the most beneficial things you can do for career development. Employees feel motivated and supported when they see senior leaders with whom they can relate and learning and development can be easily shared. Arbuthnot Latham has recognised the advantages mentoring can bring for their business and their clients, and we are delighted to be part of a successful solution that empowers employees, supports new joiners and creates a more connected team.”

Paula Rawlinson, learning and development manager at Arbuthnot Latham, added: “Working with PushFar has allowed us to streamline the onboarding process. Employees are able to take ownership of their mentoring relationship and facilitate their own connections with other team members, meaning knowledge and skills are seamlessly passed on. Creating a mentorship program can be a time consuming and complicated task, but by using PushFar we’ve been able to make it simple and easy for everyone involved, and the business has benefited significantly.”

According to the firm, 87% of employees feel empowered by a mentoring relationship and develop great confidence. More than 200 employees are now involved in the ongoing programme and feedback from staff on the ongoing programme has been positive.

In addition, an enhanced mentoring culture has resulted with learning and development promoted among new joiners.