Banks are looking high and low for talent. In the week of 10 January 2021 to 16 January 2021, 24,200 jobs were posted according to the GlobalData jobs analytics tool. This is a 28.8% increase on the previous week’s total of 18,792.

JPMorgan posted the most jobs this week with 1,354. The bank was also top in the previous week.

It was followed by AU Small Finance bank with 1,062 and Banco de National Mexico with 1,048.

Other big players looking for employees included Citigroup, which posted 969 jobs, Wells Fargo with 790, and the Bank of Nova Scotia with 382.

The year has started as expected with a large number of roles to be filled by multiple players. This is usually the case in January, but 2021 has different circumstances to previous years. After 2020 was dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of new roles created to adapt to the “new normal” of working from home and remote communication.

In addition, as firms cut costs during the pandemic, jobs were lost. Many markets are regaining stability and the jobs are back. The number of jobs posted should increase over the coming weeks as financial institutions look to hit the ground rolling in 2021 and recover the money and opportunities lost in 2020.

Of the 1,354 jobs posted by JPMorgan, 130 were for senior level positions. Furthermore, 315 were mid-level, 572 were junior level, and 337 were entry level.

416 of the jobs posted by JPMorgan were in Asia Pacific, not surprising considering its push in China. 119 of posted jobs were in Europe, nine in the Middle East and Africa, 29 in Central and South America, with 781 in North America.

Globally, here was 6,021 jobs posted in Asia Pacific, 4,415 in Europe, 392 in Middle East and Africa, 469 in South and Central America, as well as 12,903 in North America.

Also, there were 1,226 senior roles posted in the week and 6,884 in mid-level.