Orbium is a management and technology consulting and implementation firm focused on wealth management and private banking.

Through the company’s financial services expertise, Orbium supports clients’ transition easily to strategic business models. We provide experts with fresh eyes, staying dedicated to our roots, moving swiftly according to the ever-changing landscape and always striving to remain innovative to offer high-end services at absolute value.

Orbium helps banks and wealth managers achieve their strategy and execution objectives. With a reputation for exceptional commitment, we enable clients to realise revenue growth and efficiency gains through innovation and industrialisation. By effectively combining management and technology consulting with software products and strong partnerships, we support clients to focus on financial success.

As the financial services industry continues to face multiple challenges such as increased performance and cost pressures, consolidation and regulatory challenges among others, we continue to find ways to help clients adapt to rapidly changing operating models.

Orbium now has more than 500 employees with 14 offices in 11 countries and serves more than 40 recognised banks.

Performance and change

Orbium works with private banks and wealth managers to improve performance by assessing and aligning business strategies, operating model design and technology architecture.

Strategy and operations

Orbium assists banks to improve their operating models through process, data and organisational changes. We have a proven track record of performance whether it’s a platform upgrade, business-process outsource or a full technology and digital transformation project. Our multi-disciplinary teams work with clients to design, modify and deliver customised journeys, business processes and operating models that are modern, effective and efficient.

Front-office performance

Orbium has more than ten years’ experience of implementing and optimising front-end solutions in client service and frontline productivity. We specialise in pricing and data management, client relationship-management process optimisation, regulated sales journeys and ensuring suitability and good client outcomes. Our front-office fintech and RegTech partnerships support banks to stay up-to-date, relevant and compliant.

Change management

Orbium offers proven methodologies and project plans such as project governance, programme management, and remediation, which help deliver successful and sustainable change for all our clients.

Learning solutions

Through a compelling mix of technology-enabled self-learning and classroom-based training, we have supported multiple clients in developing their expertise and skills to get the best out of their chosen systems and software. This extensive experience allows us to deliver end-user training courses that promote new skills and understanding to bring about behaviour change and facilitate active learning and skill transfer.

Regulation and innovation

Orbium helps clients address the impact of regulation and innovation on their business, operating model, and IT platforms.


With our resources and through our network of carefully selected RegTech partners, we tailor and implement the most appropriate and innovative technology without the need for additional resources or adding to their overheads.  Our Indigita cross-border tool ensures that relationship managers and bankers remain informed of regulations affecting cross-border activity.


Orbium works with banks to develop and enhance their digital strategy to deliver customer-centric capabilities such as digital onboarding, robo-advice and other tools to enhance productivity and compliance.


Our extensive knowledge in delivering core-banking implementation projects with Avaloq can help banks become more efficient.

Core-banking platforms

We are core banking experts with almost 15 years of experience in planning, implementing and supporting platforms in the wealth management and private banking industry.

Orbium has the technical expertise and remote delivery capability to provide the optimum project combination when implementing new banking systems or enhancing existing platforms to remain compliant and competitive.

Technology platforms

Orbium has been involved in the development and implementation of effective business strategies that position our clients both locally and globally. Our technology advisory services include IT architecture review and solution delivery to help banks successfully manage their IT services.

Operational consolidation

Orbium has helped more than 40 banks optimise and consolidate their operations successfully from front to bank. Our support ranges from tactical enhancements in operational productivity to improvements in straight-through processing, to the design and implementation of global offshoring or outsourcing solutions.

Remote delivery

We have a highly skilled remote-delivery workforce in both Europe and Asia to help clients satisfy local requirements cost-effectively.

Products and ecosystem

Banks will increasingly work within an ecosystem of both traditional and digital partnerships to deliver value-added products and services. We utilises our extensive partnership network that includes FinTech and RegTech companies, as well as our own proprietary software, to deliver customised solutions.

Partnerships and alliances

Multi-dimensional partner

  • Avaloq – Orbium is the official Avaloq Premium Implementation Partner with the most extensive Avaloq experience and is involved in all the major Avaloq Implementation projects worldwide.

Implementation partners

  • Indigita – Provider of digitised regulatory smart data and solutions for cross-border banking, an Orbium-BRP joint venture
  • Backbase – Digital banking solution that unifies data and functionality from traditional core systems and new Fintech players into a seamless digital customer experience
  • Edgelab – Provider of compliant risk data and an automated investment solution, using statistical modelling, scalable analytics and search
  • Actico – Software provider for decision management, enabling the processing of large volumes of data to make real-time, consistent and auditable decisions
  • NetGuardians – Software provider using smart behavioural analysis to control business and IT operational risk
  • Cloudcase – Software provider focused on providing innovative product origination and fulfilment solutions


  • FinCube – A data hub solution that consolidates data across financial institutions into a single source of truth
  • TestMaster – A continuous testing platform that allows financial institutions to make agile development more efficient and embrace DevOps operations.
  • SecureEasy – A configurable application that provide complete control over the access rights and security of the Avaloq system
  • Orcat – Supports anonymisation of sensitive data and improves the quality of customised Avaloq codes