3rd-eyes delivers bespoke and efficient wealth planning and investment advice to financial services providers.

We revolutionise the field of wealth planning and investment advice by providing an effective and efficient solution to the wealth management industry. Our holistic, goal-based, bespoke and fully digitised solution enables financial services providers to address key value drivers by:

  • Including all assets and liabilities into the advisory process to identify your customers’ share of wallet and to enable cross-selling and up-selling
  • Focusing on the customers’ financial goals and their values and beliefs (e.g., sustainability) to provide bespoke advice, increasing their satisfaction and willingness to transfer more assets
  • Increasing the efficiency of the advisory process that leads to cost reductions; for instance, using the automated generation of suitability minutes

Modular advisory solutions for financial companies

The modular 3rd-eyes solution is delivered either as a software as a service (SaaS) or via an application programming interface (API).

The solution consists of four independent modules that can be integrated seamlessly into your existing advisory process:

1. Profile

Onboard your customer and conduct the mandatory risk profiling, as well as the knowledge and experience checks in line with MiFID II. Provide transparency about the expected fees and charges of your services.

2. Assets and Goals

Assess your customers’ individual wealth situation, including mortgages and non-bankable assets such as real estate. Incorporate your customers’ financial goals and simulate the likelihood of the goal achievement, as well as how their total wealth develops over time in different scenarios.

3. Recommendation

Optimise the asset allocation of your customers by efficiently creating a bespoke asset allocation for each client. Provide transparency about the improvement of the goal achievement and the corresponding risk based on realistic scenarios.

4. Portfolio

Deliver investment recommendations across different asset classes based on your customer-specific investment criteria, values and sustainability.

In addition, transfer the new portfolio to your trading platform / portfolio management system to rebalance and generate the required regulatory documentation. A portfolio monitoring with the corresponding notification functionalities completes our solution.

With our modern system architecture, we ensure a seamless integration into your IT infrastructure and offer a fast and flexible customisation to ensure a short time-to-market.

Our unique asset and liability methodology

The 3rd-eyes wealth planning and advisory calculation engine applies an asset-liability methodology, which is otherwise only available to institutional multibillion-euro portfolios.

Our approach is based on discrete-time, multi-period stochastic programming. For institutional investors, such approaches provide a superior alternative to other models, such as mean–variance, simulation, control theory and continuous-time finance.

The model we use has been tested via simulation and statistical methods, while considerable independent evidence demonstrates its superiority to other approaches and strategies.

Enable new advisory use cases within your company

The 3rd-eyes solution allows you to redefine your advisory approach and explore new use cases for advisors and self-directed customers.

It effectively equips advisers with expert wealth planning and investment advice capabilities, leading to a fully digitised and efficient advisory process. Our solution is ideal for private and retail banks, external asset managers and family offices.

The platform is also suitable for those who want to offer investment services directly to their customers, with or without the assistance of a financial adviser. It is ideal for banks that wish to offer digital investment advice to their customers in a fully automated or hybrid way (supported by advisers).

About 3rd-eyes

3rd-eyes is a leading software partner for banks, insurance companies and investment advisers who wish to implement a digital goal-based advisory solution.

Our company was founded in 2015 by Stephanie Feigt (CEO) and Rodrigo Amandi (CFO/COO). The management team further consists of Michael Koschinsky (CTO) and Marc Mettler (Head of Business Development). The management team has significant experience in asset and liability management, portfolio construction, strategic and operational business development, as well as sustainable investing.

As of June 2018, 3rd-eyes has more than 20 experts supporting the company in quantitative modelling, software development, legal advice, fund research, back office, marketing, public relations and sales.