Between July 2012 and June 2013, the number of worldwide billionaires has increased by 0.5 percent and their total wealth has risen by 5.3%.

In total the billionaires net worth adds up to $6.5 trillion, more than the GDP of every country except the US and China. In 2009, billionaire’s wealth totalled to $3.1 trillion.

The overall wealth of billionaires has more than doubled since the financial markets struggle following the global crisis in 2009.

Asia leads these shifts as its total billionaire wealth has increased by 13%, the largest increase of any region. Asia also contributes the most billionaire’s to the 2013 list with a total of 18 names

The report released by Wealth X revealed that Europe was the only region to suffer a decrease in its billions population.

Still, the total wealth of all billionaires has increased in every region as the billionaire population is now 60% higher than 2009.