Zilliqa, a blockchain platform developed at the National University of Singapore, has entered into a strategic partnership with digital asset management firm FBG Capital.

The agreement will see FBG Capital investing in Zilliqa, which is working to solve the issue of scalability of blockchains.

As part of the agreement, Zhuo Shuoji – founding partner of FBG and a veteran cryptocurrency trader – will join Zilliqa as an advisor.

Shuoji said: “Zilliqa is an example of pure innovation being applied towards providing a solution to critical business challenges. We are excited to work with their top-notch team and help them build the next generation of high-throughput blockchain applications.”

Zilliqa CEO Xinshu Dong said: “Having the expertise of Zhuo Shuoji and FBG Capital guiding us truly an honor. We are confident that our technology combined with our amazing team and advisors will drive the adoption of our platform towards providing solutions to everyday business and consumer applications.”

The new platform developed by Zilliqa is based upon the technology of sharding that was originally proposed by the research team in an academic paper in 2015.

Zilliqa has already built a working platform and has recently announced that their internal testnet has reached a peak throughput of 2,488 transactions per second (TX/s).