The potential volatility of the UK’s economy following its decision to quit the European Union (EU) has failed to deter investors, with the nation’s young investors being the driving force backing its economy even after Brexit, according to a study by online investment platform SyndicateRoom.

The study revealed that of investors more likely to deploy funds, younger investors aged 18-30 group are more than three times as likely to invest in Britain’s economy compared to their older counterparts.

More than half (53%) of the investors in this age group were found to be more determined to invest after Brexit, which is more than triple compared to the investors aged 51+ of which 15% were willing to invest.

Overall, 28% of UK’s retail investors were more likely to invest in Britain, compared to 17% who said otherwise.

The study also found that investors are more determined than ever to invest in UK assets. Of the additional capital investors planning to commit in 2017, 70% is expected to be in the UK.

For investors across all age groups, equities remained the most attractive asset class for further investment, ahead of bonds, commodities and other less liquid assets.

SyndicateRoom CEO and co-founder Goncalo de Vasconcelos said: “Market-leading technology coupled with a fast-evolving investor environment and first-class talent makes Britain the most attractive centre in the world for bringing technology and fintech companies to market. This remains the case, irrespective of Brexit.

“The continued confidence we’re seeing from our next generation of investors is a glowing endorsement of these strengths.”