US-based digital alternative investment platform Yieldstreet has partnered with venture capital firm Pantera Capital to launch its first crypto fund.

As part of the tie-up, the Yieldstreet platform will offer investors access to Pantera Early Stage Token Fund I, which makes direct investments in pre-ICO tokens.

The Pantera fund has previously made ICO investments in Polkadot, Amp, and Aurora.

Pantera CEO and co-CIO Dan Morehead said: “Yieldstreet offers its investors a platform to help generate returns outside of the stock market.

“We’re excited to partner with them to allow for greater access to crypto-focused investments and beyond what most investors currently have access to.”

Yieldstreet plans to launch additional offerings with exposure to the Pantera fund in the coming quarters to continue portfolio diversification beyond traditional asset classes.

These planned offerings are expected to help investors add to their holdings and dollar-cost average their cost basis.

Yieldstreet founder and president Michael Weisz said: “With this fund, and similar future funds, we’re offering investors an opportunity to have their capital managed by one of the largest crypto funds in the world.

“In keeping with our core values – Investor First – we will continue to partner with leading managers and unique strategies to bring these investment solutions to the millions of people looking to modernise their portfolio and include crypto and other alternative investments.”

In December last year, YieldStreet introduced a new private equity strategy that provides retail investors access to direct equity investments in alternative asset managers.

In November, the firm secured a strategic $50m follow-on investment to expand its distribution capabilities internationally. It followed Yieldstreet’s previously announced $100m Series C funding round.