Employees of Liqueo in the UK now have access to an innovative digital platform with integrated financial guidance by experienced professionals provided by Evelyn Partners, the UK’s wealth management and professional services business.

Evelyn Partners Moneyhealth empowers employees of all income levels to take charge of their own finances by providing thorough information on saving, budgeting, debt, credit scores, tax, mortgages, financial planning, investing, and other topics.

Senior managers can also use the executive consulting service offered by Evelyn Partners as part of the Moneyhealth service if their financial situations are more complicated.

By doing so, they will have access to the firm’s extensive knowledge of wealth management, financial planning, and tax, as well as the option to sign up for formal, ongoing guidance.

Moreover, employees from all income brackets have access to a tailored programme of workshops on financial wellbeing given by Evelyn Partners’ specialists.

These workshops include manuals, webinars, and in-person seminars covering a variety of important issues, including pensions and protection, budgeting, saving, and investing, among others.

Liqueo specialises in asset and wealth management business change and solution deployment.

The organisation conducts business from offices in London, New York, and Dubai and engages in business in a number of important fields, including consultancy, front office, risk, private markets, and compliance and regulatory.

Samantha Wilson, financial controller at Liqueo commented: “Financial wellbeing is becoming increasingly important in today’s society and when Evelyn offered a service that would help us to reduce stress and enhance employee experience and engagement, we thought what a fantastic idea. We are excited to launch this additional benefit to our employees and hope it increases knowledge to make informed financial decisions and understand when and how to seek advice.”

Tom Shave, partner at Evelyn Partners, added: “Following the launch of Evelyn Partners Moneyhealth, we have seen considerable interest in the service from forward-thinking firms. We are delighted to welcome Liqueo as a cornerstone client for the service and look forward to supporting their UK staff with getting the most from their personal finances.”