Kingsbury Holdings, an Evanston, Illinois-based wealth management firm, has doubled its size by acquiring Edwin C. Blitz Investments, which serves Chicago’s north shore investment community.

The new entity will operate under the name Kingsbury Capital.

"This acquisition represents a strategic decision to increase the breadth of the firm’s capabilities and the depth of its talent, particularly in the areas of insurance, annuities, risk management and the employee benefits space," Kingsbury Capital said in a press statement.

Kingsbury Capital CEO Asher Wolmark said: "We are ecstatic and we welcome the Blitz team and their clients. This allows us to deliver on our commitment of serving clients with a full and robust wealth management solution."

"It is also a testament to our ongoing efforts to attract talented financial service professionals who share our values of delivering independent and unbiased advice and who desire to practice their work in a culture that supports and encourages innovative thinking," Wolmark added.

Ed Blitz, who founded Edwin C. Blitz Investments in 1978, said: "With this partnership, we are now able to better focus on our clients and their needs and to fully utilize what is a truly outstanding wealth platform. The benefits to our clients are substantial and I could not have imagined a better outcome."