The main objectives of Vontobel using Microsoft Azure Open AI Service will be to improve the hybrid client experience and boost productivity.

Azure Open AI Service is going to be implemented at Vontobel starting in the autumn of 2023.

This is to increase productivity in a variety of business sectors, including programming, and to support the manual analysis of data and free text.

On the basis of its initial use of AI experience, Vontobel will conduct assessments to identify more areas where Azure Open AI Service could be utilised to help employees in their work.

François Rüf, head of digital investing at Vontobel, stated: “We see the enormous potential of this ground-breaking technology and are excited and convinced of the opportunities it offers. Our focus is on increasing productivity, and we also plan to develop examples of how it can be applied to further enhance the hybrid client experience. The collaboration with Microsoft will allow us to further expand our leading position in the field of AI and will position Vontobel as an employer of choice for top talent.”

Vontobel Holding AG, located in Zurich, is a Swiss private banking and investment management corporation founded in 1924.

The organisation specialises in investment solutions, active asset management, and wealth management.

It applies investment information across numerous platforms and ecosystems to create a high-quality, tailored client experience.

Furthermore, Vontobel employs nearly 2,000 people across 27 different countries.

As of March 31, 2023, Vontobel has CHF268bn ($313bn) in total client assets.

Recently, Vontobel appointed Christel Rendu de Lint as the new head of its investments arm, effective immediately.

Rendu de Lint succeeds Vontobel CEO Zeno Staub, who was also supervising the management of the firm’s investment arm. She has also been a member of Vontobel’s executive committee.

In May 2021, she joined the firm as deputy head of investments.