Vidrio Financial, a managed data services and software provider, has expanded its existing collaboration with risk solutions provider Qontigo to speed up the delivery of improved risk solutions to the multi-asset class institutional allocator industry.

Vidrio’s current platform comprises a risk system that is capable of computing risk figures irrespective of time or locations for institutional investors who provide third-party funds.  

As part of the renewed tie-up, Qontigo’s Axioma Risk: Elements solution will be incorporated into Vidrio’s platform to provide additional and tailor-made insights on portfolio holdings and risk.  

Vidrio’s advanced investment data analytics, such as operational, liquidity, exposure, valuation, and compliance information will also be combined with Axioma Risk: Elements.

This incorporation will help institutional investors to manage distribution of various funds, including hedge funds, liquid alternatives, private markets, among others. 

Furthermore, Vidrio will facilitate integration with Qontigo’s portfolio construction tool, Axioma Portfolio Optimizer.

Vidrio Financial managing director and head of customer success Gygmy Gonnot said: “Greater investment transparency is at the top of every investor’s mind when considering data collection and reporting tools.

“Vidrio believes that risk must be managed across every step of the investment process and helping to optimise that risk management process is a primary responsibility for any best-in-class, technology-enabled service.

“Combining our automation and data management services with Axioma Risk: Elements, the Vidrio platform provides a wide range of risk metrics, calculated at the portfolio, manager/fund, and individual security level that our clients can customise directly into their reporting.”