US-based wealth management solutions provider Vestmark has introduced a new service to facilitate model management, trading, rebalancing and account administration outsourcing for broker-dealers, RIAs, banks and their advisers.

The new service, dubbed Model Trading Service (MTS), is designed to improve efficiency of trading third-party and adviser-defined models as single sleeve accounts (SMAs) and multi-sleeve, unified managed accounts (UMAs).

The service, provided through Vestmark Advisory Solutions (VAS), can manage and maintain client portfolios according to their respective investment models and allocation targets.

MTS utilises the VestmarkONE Portfolio Management platform and the model building block technology for sophisticated account implementation.

The new solution supports all discretionary advisory programmes as well as equity, mutual funds and ETFs.

It also assists fixed income through third-party managers available on the Vestmark Model Marketplace.

Furthermore, it trades models from every firm-approved sources, as well as trades accounts and sleeves complying with model allocations, positions and drift tolerances.

MTS can customise trading parameters by working with advisers and can also work with managers to understand their trading instructions.

Vestmark CEO John Lunny said: “Our goal is to enable wealth management firms and their advisers to streamline administrative processes to free up more time to spend with their clients and on growing their businesses.

“We are extending our suite of award-winning outsourced services with the addition of MTS. Our solutions are designed to help wealth management firms and asset managers to stay ahead of shifting market dynamics and we are excited to help them succeed.”