VAM Funds, Luxembourg-based investment firm, is planning to foray into Hong Kong market next year to expand presence in Asian market.

International Adviser quoted Nigel Watson, sales director of VAM Funds, saying that the firm will apply the authorization from the Securities and Futures Commission in 2014.

"Our products are bought either through life company products, platforms, or bank custody accounts. So in some countries it’s not VAM that needs to be authorised it’s the product provider. But in others, the fund itself does have to be authorised, for example the UK, Singapore and ultimately Hong Kong," Watson said.

The firm’s Luxembourg-domiciled Ucits IV fund management business also has funds registered in Singapore, with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

Watson added: "The various registrations that we’ve got around the world have enabled us to broaden our distribution reach, particularly in parts of the world where we have gone more into domestic markets rather than just the expat facing channel."

Most recently, VAM Funds has also launched an Americas All Cap portfolio with a focus on absolute returns and a bias towards large and mid-cap emerging growth stocks.