U.S. Capital Advisors (USCA) has entered into an agreement to acquire Condera Advisors, a Houston-based boutique advisory firm with a focus on alternative investments.

The acquisition follows the firm’s strategy to expand its wealth management business in the region.

Through this deal, Condera’s capabilities will complement USCA’s existing alternative investment and private equity expertise, creating synergies that will add to our clients’ allocation experiences.

The partnership of Condera with USCA will create a firm with an even more robust and diverse set of investment choices, especially for niche private equity opportunities.

"The long-term relationship between our two firms should ensure a seamless transition for clients and employees," said Patrick Mendenhall, a USCA managing partner.

"USCA has built an excellent platform that offers unique alternative investment opportunities and private equity opportunities for its clients, complementing a broad offering of traditional investment capabilities," said David Solomon.

"Our alternative investment capabilities, combined with USCA’s wealth management, equity research and trading, municipal advisory, investment banking, and merchant banking capabilities should provide tangible benefits to the clients of both firms," said Phil Pilibosian.

Condera was formed in 2008 when CEO David Solomon and President Phil Pilibosian acquired Redstone Asset Management, which was then renamed Condera Advisors.