US authorities have been granted permission by federal court to seek information from five US banks regarding details of American clients evading taxes by hiding assets and income in offshore banks.

The five US banks are Bank of New York Mellon, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase Bank, HSBC Bank and Bank of America. According to the court records, the banks are believed to have offered correspondent banking services to Butterfield and ZKB.

Following the permission, Internal Revenue Service will issue John Doe summonses on the banks that order them to turn over broad client data.

Internal Revenue Service acting commissioner Daniel Wefel said these John Doe summonses for correspondent account records show their determination to pursue evaders using offshore accounts even if the person hiding money overseas chooses a bank that has no offices on US soil.

Washington-based Caplin & Drysdale tax lawyer Scott D Michel said, "We can surely expect many more of these John Doe summonses to hit the New York banking community as the I.R.S. continues to chase the unreported foreign accounts as well as the Swiss banks now under investigation."