Paris headquarters of Swiss bank UBS were raided by the French investigators as part of a probe into the Swiss bank’s alleged role in enabling the wealthy clients in France to hide their money from local tax authorities through undeclared bank accounts.

The bank said that Paris headquarters been searched for the second time since the launch of the probe in February 2012.

In June, he Swiss bank was placed under formal investigation for alleged complicity in suspected illegal sales practices on tax evasion.

UBS France said that as part of the probe it will fully cooperate with the authorities, who have also raided the bank’s offices in Strasbourg and Lyon.

The raid was conducted by investigating judge Guillaume Daieff and came after a former UBS employee blew the whistle on the hidden accounts.

A UBS spokesman said; "It is normal procedure for this type of probe. UBS France, which seeks total transparency, gave its backing. UBS France will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities."

Jean-Frederic de Leusse UBS France CEO said that UBS France had yet to find evidence of law-breaking.