TP24 has a goal to increase lending to small and medium-sized businesses in Australia, the Netherlands, and the UK.

According to Bloomberg, Barclays has agreed to lend up to £200m in warehouse financing, and M&G is contributing up to £40m in mezzanine finance.

The UK and the Netherlands will use this £240m in funding for lending.

Barclays will provide as much as £105m in lending for Australia.

The privately held TP24 offers SMEs flexible revolving loans from £250,000 to £5m without taking on outstanding debts.

It strives to assist business owners who require working cash by bridging the difference between what banks and other non-traditional lenders have to offer.

Niels Turfboer, managing director for TP24 in the UK and the Netherlands stated, “With the committed capital from Barclays and M&G, we can really make a difference for UK SMEs.’’

TP24 was established in Zurich in 2018 and also has locations in Melbourne, Amsterdam, and London.

In addition to UBS, its principal shareholders also include Berliner Volksbank Ventures and SIX Group AG, which runs the Swiss stock exchange.

With UBS’s acquisition of Credit Suisse, opportunities for smaller wealth managers in Asia-Pacific have lately emerged.

Other wealth management companies with offices in the Asia Pacific region may be able to take advantage of this as a growth opportunity.

However, a difficult integration procedure involving thousands of people and numerous divisions has started for this united business.

The restructuring process is anticipated to take more than two years and cost over $10bn, with the majority of the work taking place in 2024.

The activities of UBS will be significantly impacted by these efforts.

There will probably be a surge in the number of seasoned bankers and relationship managers looking for work.