Truist Wealth is expanding its product portfolio with the launch of a Robo adviser and a hybrid investment solution. 

The Robo adviser, dubbed Truist Invest, is aimed at offering clients a bespoke portfolio based on their goals, risk appetite and existing investments. 

Truist Invest provides services such as daily portfolio analysis, automated rebalancing and tax loss harvesting. 

Clients can also use it to change their preferences depending on the financial situation and needs. 

The second offering, called Truist Invest Pro, is a solution that gives access to Truist Invest along with advisor-driven services. 

The hybrid investment offering gives clients access to a team of financial advisers to aid them in building a personalised portfolio. 

Truist chief wealth officer Joseph Thompson said: “Digital investing solutions are an example of Truist’s T3 strategy which combines the client’s preferred level of personalised touch and innovative technology to create trust.

“Truist Invest and Truist Invest Pro provide simple and secure access to a portfolio that is purpose-built to help an investor achieve their goals and is backed by our investment expertise that can help individuals and families build better lives.”

Truist Wealth senior vice president of digital investing Kacy Howard said: “Investors want digital solutions that are secure, intuitive to use, and able to help meet their needs whether they are a new or experienced investor.

“Truist Invest and Truist Invest Pro can help give clients control and confidence in their portfolio whether they choose a fully digital or hybrid solution to invest in their future.”

Truist Wealth is the speciality wealth practice of US-based financial services firm Truist Financial