Tikehau IM, a France-based credit-orientated investment management subsidiary of Tikehau Group, has launched a new leveraged loan vehicle to invest in senior secured loans across Europe.

The new loan vehicle called, FCT Tikehau Corporate Leveraged Loan Fund, aims to support buyout, expansion, and recapitalization of European private equity sponsored companies.

The new fund is the latest offering from Tikehau Group’s €2.3 billion (US$3.11 billion) AUM credit investment management platform.

Mathieu Chabran, co-founder and chief investment officer of Tikehau IM, said: "The launch of this new fund reaffirms Tikehau Group’s commitment to being a leading participant in the leveraged loan markets at a time of renewed sponsor-driven, buy-out activity.

"Leveraged loans are an increasingly popular financial instrument for investors, considering they are senior, secured and provide floating rate exposure."