By utilising Evelyn Partners Moneyhealth, Thatcham Research’s 259 employees will have access to a modern digital platform with integrated financial coaching from seasoned professionals.

Evelyn Partners Moneyhealth gives employees of all income levels the tools they need to take charge of their personal finances by giving them access to thorough advice on debt management, tax planning, mortgages, financial planning, investing, and more.

Additionally, senior managers who have more complicated financial situations can use Evelyn Partners’ executive consulting service as part of the Moneyhealth service.

By doing so, they can access broad expertise in wealth management, financial planning, and tax with a choice to sign up for formal, continual guidance.

Employees of every income bracket have access to a tailored programme of financial wellbeing workshops led by Evelyn Partners practitioners.

This includes manuals, webinars, and in-person seminars covering a variety of important issues, including pensions and protection, budgeting, saving, investing, and more.

Thatcham Research, a provider of automotive risk intelligence, is committed to evaluating the opportunities and hazards associated with new vehicle technology and determining the most effective approaches for ensuring its safe, reliable, and sustainable adoption.

It is also the independent voice of automotive safety, security, and repair, collaborates closely with insurers, automakers, technology companies, and the government to offer strict engineering-grade research and data to lessen the uncertainty brought on by regulatory and technological changes.

Jacky Manning, HR manager at Thatcham Research stated: “In the current economic climate we understand that financial wellbeing is a significant factor for our colleagues, with such a range of differing circumstances, we needed to be looking at support wider than just traditional retirement planning. We sought to provide guidance to suit our colleagues throughout various key life events and with day-to-day financial budgeting. The Evelyn Partners Moneyhealth product provided a great platform and having worked with Evelyn Partners for a number of years we have confidence in their products.”

Tom Shave, Partner at Evelyn Partners added: “We are delighted that Thatcham Research has decided to roll out Evelyn Partners Moneyhealth to its staff. Our team looks forward to giving its employees the appropriate support they need to help them take control of their personal finances.”