The firm claims that the latest version of WealthManager consolidates all portfolio and client data through interfaces with back-office systems, broker, custodian and external services.

According to Temenos, the new platform will provide front office applications with interfaces to back office systems that deliver a single customer view.

The platform also features new standard interfaces with leading US back-office system providers as well as enhancements for cleaning and mapping multiple sources to a single, client-centric view, the software solutions provider claims.

WealthManager also features a workflow engine and designer to automate processes such as client on-boarding.

Jean-Michel Hilsenkopf, managing director at Temenos Private Wealth Management said, "We have improved the packaging of WealthManager by adding more detailed documentation and pre-defined configurations for faster implementation, configuration and maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership.

"Enhanced packaging of business functionality and processes gives customers choice, enabling them to rapidly exploit the benefits of flexible, modern and functionally rich solutions for a superior, value added service."