Investment advisor (RIA) firm Tactive has announced that it will introduce a new wealthtech platform this week.

The new Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) is designed to serve both financial advisors and independent investors initially.

The platform, the company claims, is capable of offering automated active investing solutions using tactical investment methods.

Tactive added that its new wealthtech platform is different from conventional robos, which use a passive investment model to allocate exchange-traded funds (ETFs) throughout various sectors.

TAMP uses investment models that are actively traded as well as use various types of asset classes such as real estate, insurance, alternatives and crypto.  

The models also use drawdown approaches to help investor reduce risk in volatile markets.

Tactive founder and CEO Joseph Gissy said: “The Tactive platform helps guide users on a financial journey, identifying financial goals and risk tolerance.

“The result is a portfolio recommendation of blended investment strategies customised to each individual, focusing on minimising drawdown.”

Tactive further noted that retail consumers will be able to use TAMP by themselves or by connecting with a Tactive Wealth Advisor to manage their investment.

The platform will use interactive brokers to offer custody to self-invested funds and will employ multiple custodians to cater to wealth advisors.

Gissy added: “Tactive is more than just another WealthTech platform.

“We use trend analysis and internal indicators to trigger alerts that tell us when to trade. “Our advisors aren’t big fans of the ‘Buy-and-Hold’ philosophy that’s been dominating the market for several years now. We don’t believe Modern Portfolio Theory is ‘modern’ for our current economic environment.”