While Mike Rogalski has been appointed as chief operating officer, trust and retirement services for SunGard’s wealth management business, Fred Naddaff has been appointed as managing director of strategic business development of SunGard’s Asset Management business.

As the chief operating officer, Rogalski will be responsible for the development, servicing and distribution of the AddVantage, Charlotte, Global Plus, Omni and Relius solutions.

Rogalski has over 22 years of business and operational expertise at industry leading corporations that includes Ernst and Young, ADP and Aon Hewitt. And most recently he was with Aon Hewitt, overseeing the strategic and operating operations for one of the company’s businesses, the Point Solutions division, and a business process outsourcing team operating in 11 service centers.

Naddaff, who has 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, in his new role will formulate a comprehensive managed services strategy that leverages SunGard’s expertise in core asset servicing systems and processes to complement its customers’ business models.

Harold Finders, CEO of SunGard Financial Systems, said, “Regulatory requirements and economic pressures across the financial services industry are driving organizations to seek managed services offerings that can help them reduce the burden on internal IT, increase operational efficiencies and achieve greater economies of scale.”

“As a result, cloud computing, business processing outsourcing and technology solutions are converging onto managed services platforms to help financial institutions perform and reconcile business transactions more efficiently,” he added.